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Original Music Competition


MusicPro is proud to announce the HOMEGROWN Original Music Competition with prizes valued at over $20,000. The finalists will battle it out on stage at the Wyong Grove Theatre (Wyong Grove Community and Cultural Hub, Cnr Pacific Highway and North Rd Wyong, NSW 2259) on November 28th, 2015.  (To find out what some of the prizes are, click here)


This project has been a joint venture together with the WYONG SHIRE COUNCIL, and we are very grateful for their input and sponsorship in helping us to support local artists.  We would also like to thank our sponsors; McGrath Real Estate Toukley, Steve Forrest Music Tuggerah, Spaghetti Music Publishing, and PAUL-i Productions.





What do I need to do?

You need to; 


a) Apply using the application form on this site, click here.


b) Pay your registration admin fee (on the application form).


c) Make a video recording of you performing your song (your iphone or smart phone is fine - although if you have something else to video with, even better!  You can also upload just audio, or use links to audio or video. See FAQ - for more information on this, click here). Then you need to upload and post it on the MusicPro Australia Facebook page, click here.


d) Get ALL of your friends and anyone you know to go to the MusicPro Facebook page and like YOUR post.  This will help you win!!


What if I already have a song recorded on Youtube - can I use that?

Yes!  But you will need to post it on the MusicPro Facebook page and get your friends to Like it.


Can I upload just audio? 

Yes!  In response to questions from contestants, we have included this FAQ.  Although we recommend a video because more people are likely to 'Like' your music if they see you performing it as well as hear it, you can also just upload an audio version. 


Can I just post a link?

Yes!  You can just post a link to a audio or video elsewhere (such as Soundcloud or Youtube).  However, you will need to get your freinds and fans to 'Like' the post as it appears on the MusicPro Australia Facebook page.  Only 'Likes' on the MusicPro Australia Facebook page will count toward your winning chances for the competition.


How do I apply?

Fill in the application form on this website, and make sure you follow through to the purchase button.  This will take you to a PAYPAL or PAY BY CREDIT CARD option.  If you are under 18, we insist you complete this with a parent or guarding as a consenting adult.


Who is it for?

For any musician who thinks they have an original song worth recording!  Bands, solo singers, musicians - all are welcome!!  This is a particularly good opportunity for emerging artists or bands who are really serious about having their music go around the world and are hoping get their music career up and running!


Does it have to be original music?

Yes! That means you (or your band) are the writer/s and performer/s of the song, or, you wrote the song with someone else and you are the only performer of the song.  That means you don't have to be the only writer involved with the song, but all other writers and contributions must also be original and not released with any other artists other than yourself (or your band).  The song may also have been written for you (or for your band) by someone else, but you (or your band) are the only performer/s and it has not been released or performed elsewhere, only by yourself (or your band).


What are the conditions?

You have to fill in the application form on this website, pay the registration administration fee that applies to you (solo student, or other), post a video of you performing your song on the MusicPro Facebook page, and perform live at the Wyong Grove Theatre if you are selected as a Finalist.  (for full competition terms and conditions, click here)


How are the Finalists selected?

The number of Likes your post receives on the MusicPro Facebook page will help put you in the runing as a Finalist.  However, each judge has a 'Judge's Wildcard'.  This will mean they will choose someone they think should be in the Finalist Auditions, even if their Facebook post Likes are not the highest ones.  This is where your talent can really shine though!


Do I need to attend the Auditions and Concert on November 28th at The Wyong Theatre?

Yes!  You will be called out of the crowd to perform your song as a final deciding factor to becoming a winner.  Remember, even if your Facebook post Likes isn't high, you may be chosen by one of the Judges as their Wildcard Finalist!


What does it cost?

If you are a student, and you are performing as a solo artist, it only costs $5.  If your band consists of entirely students, you only pay $5 each.  If you are not a student, or you are in a band (duo or more) where anyone is not a student, you will need to pay the full $25 administration fee.


What are the prizes?

There is a prize pool estimated at over $20,000 in value.  


Contestants in the competition will be granted free access to the MASTERCLASS WORKSHOPS being organised by MusicPro on the 3rd, 10th and 17th of November (click here for more information).  Spaces are limited, so you will need to reserve your place fast through the 'Events' on the MUSICPRO AUSTRALIA Facebook Page.


If you are one of the winners in the competition, your song (along with 3 other winners) will be recorded with International Producer PAUL-i on a compilation EP showcasing Australian Original Music.  Your song on this EP will be mixed, mastered, released, distributed, promoted and sold worldwide (for more about PAUL-i click here) .  With this comes international promotion, representation, press release and a radio-play plugging campaign.  You will also recieve industry consultation and branding advice for your emerging career, and your song on the EP will be personally represented to Music Industry individuals and groups in meetings and conferences overseas.  This is great for your gathering fans and industry interest in your music.  Personal representation overseas certainly stands out and it has been the path for succes for many great Australian bands.  You will also receive a recording contract and Artist Development offer from MusicPro as well as a Publishing and Promotions offer from Spaghetti Music Publishing.


If you are runners up, you will be offered free Industry Consultation and branding advice to help you with your growing musical endeavours.


Even if you don't win, you can't lose... with so much music available online these days - it can be difficult to draw people on to your site or music page.  However, just by entering this competition and being involved, you will attract a whole new set of people interested in original music - from fans to industry specialists.  It is the aim of the promoters and sponsors of this competition to really give Australian original musicians as many chances as possible to get their music out there ... and noticed! So, whatever your genre, whatever your music, we look forward to contributing to your endeavours in taking it to the world -  we wish you all the best with it!


What if my song is already recorded or published?

If your song is already recorded or published, subject to it satisfying the quality stipulations of MusicPro, you can use that recording providing agreeable permission can be established with the existing owners of the master or copyright for that recording.


Alternatively, you can just re-record the song with MusicPro.  


Either way, you can take advantage of the promotion for your song and or band as it appears on the HOMEGROWN compliation EP.


Can I just get studio time?

Yes, you do not need to put your track on the EP or take advantage of any other promotional aspects of the prize.  You can instead opt to convert your prize into studio time (Studio selected by MusicPro, and duration not to exceed 3 days, subject to time and availability of the studio).


How is it judged?

The Likes on your video post on the MusicPro Facebook page will be tallied up and the highest 5 will be in the running as the Finalists to perform as an Audition on November 28th at the Wyong Grove Theatre FINALIST AUDITIONS AND CONCERT.  The three judges, as Community and Music Industry representatives, will also pick one 'Judge's Wildcard' contestant to join the Finalists.  So even if your don't have as many Facebook likes as you need - if your music is great and it stands out - you still havea  chance! The Finalists will be called out to perform at the FINALIST AUDITIONS AND CONCERT at Wyong Grove Theatre on November 28.  Set aside the day to prepare yourself with rehearsals!  These Finalists will perform and the Judges will choose the 4 winners.  Crowd involvement and appreciation at the event will contribute to the Judges' decision on the night, so make sure you bring ALL your fans!!

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