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16 September 2017
MusicPro House, Central Coast

The Conference

10:00 am
Powerful Teaching All Day
September 16

The Conference covers a whole day of powerful teaching from a number of Industry Experts and Educational Masters.  This is an event not to be missed if you are serious about music and creative arts.  The multi-disciplinary approach provides wholistic understanding of each art-from.  Come and enjoy the experience.  Learn, and empower the gift within...

The Masters

The Masterclass Series

What is the Masterclass Series?

The Masterclass Series is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and workshops all designed to connect students to specialists in a particular field.  These may be available as once-off events, or in the case of the Masterclass Series Conference - a combination of options bringing together a formidable teaching force full of industry experience. 









The Program

A range of sessions and subjects, suitable to a host of creative streams, specialised interactive workshops - all in one day...

Proud to bring International and Local experienced experts.

Proud to bring International and Local experienced experts.


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The Masters

Proud To Bring International And Local Experienced Experts.

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