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16 September 2017
MusicPro House, Central Coast
The Conference

The Conference

10:00 am
Powerful Teaching All Day
September 16

The Conference covers a whole day of powerful teaching from a number of Industry Experts and Educational Masters.  This is an event not to be missed if you are serious about music and creative arts.  The multi-disciplinary approach provides wholistic understanding of each art-from.  Come and enjoy the experience.  Learn, and empower the gift within...

The Masters

The Masterclass Series

What is the Masterclass Series?

The Masterclass Series is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and workshops all designed to connect students to specialists in a particular field.  These may be available as once-off events, or in the case of the Masterclass Series Conference - a combination of options bringing together a formidable teaching force full of industry experience. 









The Program

A range of sessions and subjects, suitable to a host of creative streams, specialised interactive workshops - all in one day...

Program News Flash
Annette Bartlett
Annette Bartlett joins us for a special series focussing on Early Childhood Education.  Her sessions are full of music and fun for young children (specialising in ages 2.5 - 8yrs)
Alfredo Zotti
Alfredo Zotti joins us to discuss Artistic Expression and also the importance and power of Art and Music Therapy. Alfredo is an artist, musician, orchestra conductor, composer, speaker, and published author.  Alfredo has an honours degree in sociology as well as qualifications in Art and Piano. 

Proud to bring International and Local experienced experts.

Proud to bring International and Local experienced experts.

The Program

* Click on the schedule above for a full size version with costs and details.

The Masters

The Masters

Proud To Bring International And Local Experienced Experts.

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