MusicPro is working hard with its partners to provide a range of online resources for Students and Teachers.  This will include courses aligned with the Music Curriculum for schools  (NSW Syllabus focus is provided).  This will also include PD resources for Teachers.

The online courses for schools are formatted for students and teachers using any device or browser.

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Listening FocusTempo: Level 1

This is a BETA VERSION of the Duration Focus Online lessons for students.  Students and Teachers can sign in and participate in the course for free.  

Stages: 4,5,6

Learning Areas:  Listening (Aural), Musicology

Topic Areas:  Pop, Rock, Classical, Music for Small Ensembles, Music for Radio/TV, Music and Related Arts

Outcomes:  4.7, 4.8, 5.7, 5.8, (M1) P4, H4, P6, H6, (M2) P2, H2

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