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MusicPro is committed to helping emerging artists develop their music career.  We understand emerging artists and their needs, and we are always looking for the right mix of committed and talented artists into whom we can invest. 


The current music industry is in a major state of change, and its the moment for original artists to rise and shine.  With massive advances in online mechanisms for artist awareness and distribution as well as the changes brought about through streaming - Youtube, Facebook, iTunes and Spotify to name just a few - there has never been a better time for artists to take your original music to the world.  However - as much as the floodgates have opened, so have the hosts entered through.  There are just so many artists all vying for attention that it is difficult - and potentially impossible on your own - to stand out and be heard amongst the millions.


That's why MusicPro not only helps with the creation, recording and production process of your music.  We have an established network of industry partners and affiliates which are all linked to help you succeed - PR and music release companies, distribution, publishers, sync opportunities, labels and the list goes on.  


The Australian music industry has produced some musical geniuses and giants.  However, if you follow their journey, more often than not, it has taken a path overseas to find where their success was eventually triggered.  Its not so hard to understand when you consider Australia itself is a very small market in comparison to rest of the world - the population of New York City is almost as large as the entire population of Australia!  So, MusicPro Australia believes that thinking globally is a key for Australian musicians, and we aim to link our artists to our overseas representation and release mechanisms as a significant method for increasing fanbase and chances of musical success. 


If we choose to partner with you in an Artist Development program, we like to take the time to strategise with you and think through the whole process - so that we can ensure our investment in you has the best chance - by providing the best chance of success for you as an artist.  



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