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What's best?  ECOPACK or FULL PRODUCTION SERVICES?  What's the difference?



Our FULL PRODUCTION SERVICES collect together the professionals you need to make your recording the best it can be, at whatever stage of the recording-to-release process.  


The right Songs, Vocal Sound, Music Producer, Musicians, Engineer, Mixer and Mastering Process are essential in bringing out the best in your music.  Our professionals work together with you in perfecting everything from the foundation of songwriting to making sure each element is matched with your unique sonic identity - your 'sound' - all the way to release. We have professional Vocal Coaches available to draw out that extra special performance. The musical arrangements can be enhanced with unique and identifiable hooks, timbres and instrumentation. You get the opportunity to work together with a Music Producer and their team to make sure the whole recording process is reflecting all of the above attributes at top level. Everything from where the sound source is placed, the mics chosen and positioned, the EQ or compression and preamp recording chain and mixing process are attended to in greatest detail. For this reason, these recordings often take more time. We provide a deeper level of mixing and often partner with Abbey Road (London) for the final mastering touches.  Engaging in a FULL PRODUCTION SERVICE recording ensures your music sounds the best it can, and in the end it will be ready for international commercial release in every aspect.

Many artists are amazed at the results when working at this level.  We have had artists come to us to re-record their music after having already made recordings in reputable studios, and later tell us the results were "night and day".  Coming to us in the first place could save you a lot of money and frustration. This is for those who want to work with others who believe their music is a work of art, not 'just another job'. We believe it is a combination of process and people that make your music sound the best.  

If you are an artist (or band) who is seeking an international level commercial release, then FULL PRODUCTION SERVICES is your best option.

If you are an artist (or band) who have tried recording before, but need to take it to the next level, then FULL PRODUCTION SERVICES is for you.

If you are an artist (or band) who is tired of the 'backyard' jobs and low quality recordings, then FULL PRODUCTION SERVICES puts you together with the right people in the right environment to make your music sounds its best.


ECOPACKS are an economical way to have access to a top quality studio, but without all the trimmings if you don't need them.  You will have a Senior Producer listen to your music and provide a free Pre-Production Consultation for your recording and during the recording process you will have a Studio Assistant to help with managing the Engineering.  

Some artists (or bands) already have professional members in their team who wear a number of hats themselves as far as their skill set in this area is concerned.  If this is you, an ECOPACK would be a very economical way to get your recording sounding great.   

If you would like an ECOPACK with a few additions - maybe you or your band have everything you need to sound great, but you need a professional mix or a top level mastering process - then we suggest an ECOPACK with some plug-ins.  Talk to us and we can tailor-make your package for you.

If you are an artist or singer-songwriter and have never actually heard your songs properly recorded, an ECOPACK is a great way to test out what your songs really sound like.

If you need a DEMO to 'shop around' with - whether that be to gather interest from industry professionals or to venues and agents to showcase 'what you sound like' to get a gig - an ECOPACK is an economical way to achieve this.

If you are an emerging artist (or band), and can't yet afford FULL PRODUCTION SERVICES but need something to 'get the ball rolling', then an ECOPACK is the perfect option to get you on your way.

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