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Industry Support Program
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The Courses

The Industry Support Program

The Industry Support Program is a revolutionary program allowing you the possibility of creating your own Industry Project with professional help and vocational experience.  Your project might be your own EP, Music Video, local Church Worship Team Practicum, a collection of your own songs or Film Music Showreel... the possibilities are endless...


This Industry Support Program is made possible with the help of Music Producer Paul Iannuzzelli (MMus, BMusEd) and the facilities he offers at MusicPro House in Wyong NSW (including a Recording Studio and professional coaching help).  The Program begins with two full Saturdays, and then an evening coaching session once a month.  In addition, you will be given at least 10 days of vocational experience where you get to work side-by-side with a professional learning the skills you need to get your best performance or recording for your Industry Project. You will also have opportunities to work on your Industry Project  throughout the year, culminating in a block intensive (for example, finalising your recording in the studio).  This format is flexible and intensives or vocational experiences can be conducted in a number of ways directly related to your customised context.  This is particularly useful for long-distance participants.


The Industry Support Program is free for students completing the Online Alphacrucis Diploma in Music Industry as a pathways support.   

If you are an Online Alphacrucis Diploma in Music Industry student you could also be recording your EP, creating your own Music Video, participating in a Worship Team Practicum, building a repertoire of top quality songs, creating a Film Music Showreel.... at no extra cost!

The Industry Support Program is available to long-distance applicants upon request.

What is the Industry Support Program?

How To Apply

To apply for the Industry Support Program, simply email us an outline (no more than 100 words) of what you would like your Industry Project  to be.  That is, tell us what it is you would like to achieve (an EP, a Music Video etc), and send some video links showing your past work.  If you don't have any past work to show, then just record yourself on your phone and send us a link.  We want to know your musical skill level.

If you would like to access the Industry Support Program for free, then apply for the AC Diploma Of Music Industry on the Alphacrusis College Website.


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