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MusicPro Academy

Creative Arts

MusicPro is committed to training those interested in the Music & Media industries.  We have a particular focus on education in a practical environment, and with a long-term goal of job-creation based on the skill base of our participants.


The new MusicPro Academy For Creative Arts offers training at all levels, in a number of delivery models.  We offer private lessons, group classes, traineeships with job-creation outcomes, masterclasses - all with a comprehensive wholistic approach to learning. We believe learning an instrument is not just about that instrument in isolation.  We encourage our students to partake in a variety of related disciplines that might assist in their understanding and creative development for their chosen focus.  This might vary from a lesson on classical orchestra appreciation, to blues jamming, to music video creation or songwriting and recording in the studio.  


With a strong emphasis on Inquiry Based Learning models and dedicated mentoring, we take the time to involve you in many aspects of the creative process - whether that be expressed through music or various forms of media including film, photography, online and digital formats or eurythmics and the art of learning through movement.

Our subjects range from typical instrumental lessons (voice, guitar, piano, bass, drums, violin, brass) through creative crafts (guitar-making, songwriting, recording techniques)  to some of the forefront of technological mediums such as Digital Marketing, 'Youtubing', Film-making, Photography and Web Design.


Education is an important part of our ethos, and we believe that as we build others, we build each other.  So, if any aspect of the Music & Media industry is something you would like to learn, contact us and we will aim to find the right program of learning custom designed for you.

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