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MusicPro offers professional music services to enhance your musical recordings. Music is our passion, and we focus on maximising the quality of your recording by connecting you with the right professional for the right stage of your project.Our team specialise in SIX main stages of the process in bringing your music to life.
MusicPro goes one step further in connecting you to your fans and industry professionals who could take your music around the world.  In today's current musical climate, without these elements your music could sadly remain lost and unheard in a flooded online marketplace.  These elements are an absolute must and should be an integral part of your recording plan. 
BABBLEGUM DIGITIAL MARKETING do everything from getting you more fans, connecting your music to the right subcultures with Social Media, PR Releases for Media and Radio Airplay and worldwide distribution.
SPAGHETTI MUSIC PUBLISHING work hard in pitching your music for placements on Advertisements and Films with a particular focus on the USA and UK, and ensure that you get all the royalties online and offline that you are due.
  • Songwriting is the starting point.  Without a great song, every other part of the process becomes futile.  

  • If your song needs a little help, our experts work with you on the  lyrics or melody and assist you in turning it into something special.  A good song is ok, but a great song is always better.

  • You might have a lot of the parts for your track, but you just need some instruments and sounds to take it to that next level.  MusicPro has professional musicians who can record the parts you need and send them back as audio files which you can easily slot into your existing track.

  • A great producer can make all the difference in giving your track a professional edge.

  • Producers use sounds, arrangements, structure and many 'tricks of the trade' that draw out your creativity and package it into the perfect musical experience for the listener.

  • Clarity, punch or dynamic energy can all be created in the mix.  More commonly, many tracks sound ok, but it is the need for clarity which makes them sound like demos rather than professional recordings.

  • A professional mix will open up your track and help all the parts find their place in the sonic spectrum.

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  • The current market demands video.  For your music to reach its maximum potential, it must have a music video. MusicPro now offers Music Video packages to suit your budget.

  • Mastering is the final stage in the recording process.

  • Here, the track is prepared for commercial release, levelling the sonic spectrum and providing playback consistency for the myriad of speakers or devices your music will be played through.

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