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The MASTERCLASS WORKSHOPS are FREE.  If you would like to reserve your place ticket, please email us click here.


Be sure to join and reserve your place fast, as places are limited.  

MusicPro is committed to educating and training musicians in helping them achieve their goals.  For the HOMEGROWN Orignal Music Competition, we have designed 3 MASTERCLASS WORKSHOPS with PAUL-i (click here for more information about PAUL-i) and they are specifically designed to help you have your best chance at winning the competition.  These MASTERCLASS WORKSHOPS are also open to the the public as the topics covered are applicable to many scenarios encountered by the typical professional or aspiring musician.  

The MASTERCLASS WORKSHOPS will be held at MusicPro House, 63 Howarth Street, Wyong, NSW 2259.


MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP 1..........................................."Songwriting - The Craft and Process"  6pm, Tuesday, November 1

MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP 2......."Performance Skills - The Method and Art" 6pm Tuesday, November 8

MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP 3................................"Stage Techniques - The Things You Didn't Know About Yourself" 6pmTuesday, 15



MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP 1............."Songwriting"


Songwriting is a craft in itself.  This MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP  is an in-depth investigation and interactive study of Songwriting. Having the best song for an audition is important.  You need to consider whether the song displays your strengths or weaknesses, whether the song will be well recieved by an audience and many other important factors.  What are the key elements that will help you choose the best song?  This MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP aims to help you choose the best song for an audition, as well as provide useful songwriting tips.



MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP 2.............."Performance Skills" 


Many musicians and bands spend a lot of time practising or reheasing - but sometimes with very little progress.  Worse still, many are acutally learning bad habits with bad rehearsal techniques or practise methods.  This becomes even more obvious when it comes to record, at home or in the studio.  This MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP will investigate what acutally happens phsyically and mentally when you practise, and how to maximise the results for the hours you spend trying to improve your musical performance.  The MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP will also investigate recording techniques, and how to improve your recording at home or in the studio.  The MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP will help save you a lot of valuable practise time, and help your recordings sound so much better.



MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP 3..........."Stage Techniques"


Great music is one thing - but a great live performance involves a whole new set of variables.  Watching a peformance from the audience's perspective can be an interesting learning exercise.  Many musicians and bands think they appear one way, but actually appear quite differently on stage.  More importantly, connecting with your audience from the stage - even though it can take so many forms - is something musicians need to understand and have in their live performances.  This MASTERCLASS WORKSHOP will investigate a number of live performance and stage techniques that can dramatically improve the level of your live musical performance.

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