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Starts 2018
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The Courses

The WACA Support Program

The WORSHIP AND CREATIVE ARTS SUPPORT PROGRAM (a partnership with Worship-I-AM in a specialised version of the Industry Support Program) is a revolutionary program designed specifically for those who are expressing their musical gifts from a heart of Christian worship.  This could be as a leader or member of your church worship team, a songwriter creating praise and worship songs, or simply an artist who wants to express their Christian faith through music in the marketplace.  Expressing your unique worship fingerfrint is a God-given opportunity, and this program is aimed at helping you develop that expression to a level of international excellence.  Worship Teams are also encouraged to participate together, collectively creating songs and sounds that tap into the unique voice of their local church and its community. 


This program allows you the possibility of creating your own WACA Project with professional help and vocational experience.  Your project might be your own EP, or an EP with your Worship Team, a Music Video, a local Church Worship Team Practicum where you build and strengthen the team, a Songwriting Sampler or Film Music Showreel... the possibilities are endless...


This WACA Program is made possible with the help of Music Producer Paul Iannuzzelli (MMus, BMusEd) and the facilities he offers at MusicPro House on the Central Coast of NSW (including a Recording Studio and professional coaching help).  As well as significant Music Industry experience, Paul Iannuzzelli was the Co-Founder of the Hillsong Worship and Creative Arts stream of Hillsong Leadership College, a lecturer and course writer for SCBC (now Alphacrucis) and Wesley Institute (now Excelsia), a Co-Founder of ICA (International Creative Acadmey Europe), a songwriter on the very first recordings of Hillsong Praise and Worship, and the Worship Director for Cornerstone Church in the UK for many years.   Paul is committed to developing your unique worship fingerprint, no matter how big or small your Worship Team or congregation may be, and not a replica of any model but instead something designed to express your unique God-given heart of worship.  (click here for more about Paul Iannuzzelli)


The Program begins with two full Saturdays, and then an evening coaching session once a month.  In addition, you will be given at least 10 days of vocational experience where you get to work side-by-side with a a professional or be coached in the very context of your local church, learning the skills you need for your WACA Project. You will also have opportunities to work on your WACA Project  throughout the year, culminating in a block intensive (for example, finalising your recording in the studio). 


The WACA Support Program is available to long-distance applicants and a special course consisting of coaching and instensives can be arranged.  This is particularly useful for those who are part of congregations in country areas and cannot be away from home for too long. 


The WACA Support Program is an initiative to encourage students to complete their online AC Diploma of Music Industry by providing vocational experiences and opportunities resulting in an international level project of their own creation.  This enables WorshipTeam members to study and grow whilst remaining in their local church context.  Whilst anyone can apply for the WACA Support Program, students of the Online AC Diploma in Music Industry can apply to access this support program for free.   

Whilst completing your Online AC Diploma in Music Industry (if you apply and are eligible for a Govt. VET Student Loan, that means no upfront costs for your Diploma),  you could also be recording an EP, creating a Music Video, participating in a Worship Team Practicum, building a repertoire of top quality songs, creating a Film Music Showreel.... at no extra cost!

What is the WACA Support Program?

How To Apply

To apply for the WACA Support Program, simply email us an outline (no more than 100 words) of what you would like your WACA Project  to be.  That is, tell us what it is you would like to achieve (an EP, a Music Video, build your local Worship Team etc), and send some video links showing your past work.  If you don't have any past work to show, then just record yourself (or a Sunday service) on your phone and send us a link.  We want to know your musical skill level.

If you would like to access the WACA Support Program for free, then apply for the AC Diploma Of Music and request to be part of the WACA Support Program.


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