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YOUR SONIC FINGERPRINT  (Tertiary Accreditation Available)

10 Week Online Course 

Paul Avanti Iannuzzelli Design

YOUR SONIC FINGERPRINT (Tertiary Accreditation Available)

  • Paul Avanti Iannuzzelli Design.

    This course includes exclusive features.

    Everyone is created unique. The musical sound which resonates with the core of a being is their sonic fingerprint, and discovering this opens up to a world of expression. Every band, musical group and church also has a unique sound and distinct voice as a collective whole, and the community which surrounds it is waiting to hear this language spoken. Although aimed at groups, this course can be taken as an individual.


    Accreditation is available later upon application (further fee required).

  • This 10-week course begins Term 1 (February 4, 2019).  

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