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Our Newest Partnership Studio

Central Coast, NSW


MusicPro connects with experts all over the world in creating the right team for your project.  Our newest addition is a recent and welcome partnership at Wyong on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.  We are very excited about the opportunities this Australian base provides as a portal for connecting local talent to the music industry world-wide.


As part of our commitment to quality, we have ensured that every aspect of the equipment used in the recording chain of this studio is pristene and of high grade world-class quality.  With Neve designed Focusrite preamps/compressors and authentic analogue circutry for classic mic pres (Neve 1073, Pultec MB-1, Telefunken V72, API 3124+, Avalon 737-SP, Focusrite Red-1, Helios Console, Manley Slam, Universal Audio M610, Milennia hv-d3) alongside our Liquid AD converters, we have achieved seamless and solid digital software integration with vintage analogue sound.  We use microphones which maintain world standards in character and history - Neuman matched pairs, classic Sontronic Saturn, NUDE ribbons as well as a C12 to mention just a few.  We also have Gretch/Sabian/Yamaha/Pearl drum configurations, Fender Electric Guitar/Bass Amps, Fender/Ibanez/Gretch guitars, a Roland fully weighted 88-note MIDI keyboard and a beautiful Halsmeyer Berlin baby grand piano.   


The Control and Live Recording rooms have been specially treated for optimum acoustics and timbral flexibility.  The extensive sound diffusion/absorption and reflection panels allow the Italian designed RCF monitors to give acurate and transparent response...perfect for fine-tuned mixing.  The Live Room has a selection of fixed and moveable panels/timbre generators to provide the required shine, warmth or depth at the sound source - all perfectly accentuated by the great sounding room consisting of wooden floor/wall/ceiling coverings.  


We are proud of the sonic integrity and versatility of this studio environment, and we can happily recommend this as a recording environment designed to custom fit any expressive and stylstic nuance, and all at a well-respected world class level.


The Central Coast Studios are located inside the OASIS YOUTH CENTRE, Cnr of Hely St and Anzac Ave, Wyong, NSW 2259.

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